Lessons – Private

Introductory Sample Course -  Call (916) 761 - 9821 to schedule an appointment

-(2) Half hour private lessons for a single person or a couple (one leader, one follower)
- Work with 2 or 3 dances
- Cost: $20 (Per single or couple)
- Lessons are taught by appointment Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm
If you have ever wanted to learn Ballroom Dancing, private lessons are a great way to go! We teach all levels of Ballroom, Swing and Latin dancing, from first time students to advanced dancing and instructor training. The lessons are taught by appointment at a time that works for your schedule. Lessons will be custom tailored to your desires and exact needs. They will also be adjusted to match both your level of experience and your speed of learning.
Common learning requests include:
- Learning to dance for a specific event (weddings, parties etc.)
- Learning to lead
- Learning to follow
- Learning to hear rhythm in music
- Developing rhythm (for rhythmically challenged students)
- Adding new moves or dances to your repertoire
- Learning to dance to impress a special person
- Learning to dance to go on cruises

Learn to dance and put more fun in your life!

Call(916) 761-9821 to get started.